Kids need camp.

Today, like never before, teens and pre-teens are under tremendous pressure. Self-doubt, peer pressure, substance abuse, self injury and a myriad of harmful voices nag at kids every day.

Even kids who have a strong support structure face obstacles. One of these can be financial struggles within the family, which can keep kids away from opportunities that could be life-changing.

Those kids need a support system beyond their immediate family - a sponsor, a friend, a helping hand - someone who will take a chance on them.

When you send a kid to camp, you can choose between "Anonymous" and "Available" sponsorship:

Anonymous: While our bookkeeper will obviously know who you are, your identity will be kept from your sponsored camper. Additionally, while we can confirm the age, gender, or "camp week" of your sponsored camper, we will not reveal their identity to you.

Available: Your sponsored camper will write you a personalized letter at the end of their camp week, letting you know not only how grateful they are, but also some of their favorite memories and reflections of their experience at Camp Id Ra Ha Je.